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Badass Vol.4 Now on Spotify!

Instead of having a ton of YouTube videos lined up I’ve decided to shift the playlist over to Spotify.

So here it is, get your day off to a great start with a Badass soundtrack. It’s an other mix of hip-hop, metal, pop and more. Enjoy!

10 TV Shows I Turn To For Self Care

Sometimes you have a shitty day and all you want to do is snuggle up in a duvet with a cuppa and watch some comfort TV.

Here are a few TV shows I turn to when I need something familiar and comforting. Ideally it’s a show with a lot of seasons so if I’m feeling particularly low, I can mainline that shit and ignore the world for a bit.

It’s also quite satisfying to see how much crocheting you can get done in a season. I love to crochet or draw while I’m watching TV. It helps me feel creative and productive even though I’ve just been watching Netflix all day.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to share with you some of my go-to comfort TV shows.

Frasier – Smart, easy going and so funny.

Broad City – The television equivalent of an antidepressant. New season coming next month!

Community – One of the things I love about Community is its rewatchability factor, yes I made up a word. There’s always something new to catch despite numerous viewings.

King of the Hill– Another easy going show but so funny.

Black Books – I have a lot in common with Bernard Black and I’m OK with that.

Spaced – Classic TV. I’ve watched it so often that I know it inside and out but I still love it.

Poirot – If you don’t enjoy a cosy murder mystery are you even British? I love Poirot, I grew up watching it so it’s perfect comfort viewing.

I’m Alan Partridge – Another classic comedy that never fails to make me laugh. I quote Partridge on the regular.

Scream Queens – I love this show. The first season has some great nods to classic horror which was a nice surprise.

Green Wing – Surreal comedy that’s never been matched. Two words: Sue White.

I also love Rick and Morty, The Thick of It, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Peep Show, Atlanta, Inside No.9..the list goes on and on.

What are the shows you turn to after a long day? Do you binge watch whole seasons in a single sitting? Let me know what you’re watching at the moment..

Moxie McMurder

The Badass Manifesto

Finding My Inner Garden Witch and Greenthumb

I have been inspired!

A month ago one of my closest friends gave me two seedlings. Now, I have a bad history with plants, I’ve failed to keep cacti alive. With the exception of two houseplants that have somehow survived long periods of drought and over watering, I seem to kill all houseplants.

But I have discovered my inner garden witch!

My friend, the Badass Boss of Alternative Process Therapies gave me an Aloe and a Spider Plant and not only are they still alive but they are THRIVING!! I feel like Mother Nature.

With age comes wisdom and at 36 years old I think I’ve finally learned a little temperance. I’ve learned to leave my plants alone and not over water them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “The simple perception of natural forms is a delight”. He was talking about beauty but I also think it applies to nature itself.

I get so much joy from watering my plants and if that wasn’t enough, I had some shoots pop up so I learned a little about propagation (the breeding of specimens of a plant). It’s been really interesting learning how best to take new shoots and repot them. I also love learning about what kind of plants I have. There are so many different kinds of succulents and exotic houseplants, the stranger they look, the more I like them.

Succulents and cacti are always popular plants but they’ve experienced a real boost in popularity lately, so chances are you already have one..but do you know how to care for it?
There’s some excellent advice about succulents on the Royal Horticultural Society website and I’ve made a new Pinterest board called How Does Your Garden Grow? It’s full of tips and advice for houseplants – go take a look!

These tiny cacti were £1 each from Wilko – bargain!

I had cacti years ago but they died, so this time around I decided to actually learn about how to care for them properly. I learned that a lot of plants benefit from being watered from the bottom. And this is a particularly good way to water succulents, which includes catci. Simply place the potted cactus in a saucer filled with a few inches of water and leave it in the saucer for about 20-30 minutes. This method of watering ensures that all of the soil, not just the edges are fully moistened. (It’s best to let the soil to dry out between waterings.)

I’ve been so inspired and it was so unexpected. I find watering the plants really relaxing and, in a weird way, it feels like giving back to nature. Taking cuttings from the spider plants and getting my hands in the soil gives me a little connection to nature.

I’ve been using caring for my houseplants as part of my self care routine. It’s calming, it focuses my mind and for whatever reason it just makes me happy. Just like watching the birds eat the seeds I put out for them. It brings me joy. A simple but totally fulfilling joy.

Taking a cutting, watching its roots grow daily and then potting it and watching it floruish is something of a soul nourishing experience. As I nurture my plants, I’m nurturing a part of me that clearly needed attention. I just didn’t know it until I was given a gift, and that gift just keeps giving. I am so grateful for that gift.
Funnily enough my bird feeders were a gift from my other closest friend.

What’s inspired you lately? Are you obsessed with houseplants? Do you have a black thumb history of killing plants?


Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto


Why I’d Be Lost Without My Smartphone

I use my phone all the time. All the time.
I have no doubt that when I die I will have my phone in my hand.

Chronic pain makes it difficult for me to sit at my desk or use my laptop for any real length of time due to the discomfort, so my phone is invaluable to me.

Being able to work from the sofa or my bed means I can still earn a living even when I’m lying in something that resembles the recovery position. I’ve written whole articles, emails, blog posts, book chapters and short stories on my phone.

I use my phone for Photography, social media, invoices, online shopping, poetry and keeping my calendar up to date. I use my phone to do so many things I truly would be lost without it.
I even did some photography for The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies – London for three of their events using only my smartphone. You can take a look at them here (Lecture from Stephen Thrower) and here (Kim Newman Lecture). You can also see more of my smartphone photography on my Burn The Witch Art Facebook Page.

blackwhite tree


tree burnthe witch
Without my phone I wouldn’t be able to keep in contact with my friends in other countries and I also wouldn’t be able to bombard my best friends with endless RuPaul Drag Race gifs. Due to chronic pain I can’t always hang out with my friends, so my phone helps me stay in touch through Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp,Kik etc

I use an to use an app to help me remember to take my medications, I used to use an app that tracked how far I was walking when I took my dog out. I use an app to apply text to my photography and I use an app order my shopping. Technology really does play a large part in my life and I’m grateful for that. Without these apps and without social media etc I would be more restricted than I am now.

My phone is a Sony Xperia, pretty sure it’s the Z1 version which is pretty out of date by now but it’s still a good phone and when I upgrade I’ll be looking to get another Xperia.

Do you use your phone to it’s full capacity or do you try to limit how much you rely upon your phone?


Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto

Badass Dessert – Pudology

I spotted Pudology in may local supermarket and because I’m vegan I feel it’s my responsibility to try all the different vegan desserts that come my way. So I can spread the word. *wink*

I bought the Pudology Decadent Chocolate Puds and I shared it with my husband (who is not vegan) and we were both seriously impressed. Pudology aren’t just vegan friendly, all their Puds are also gluten free. You can view their range here.

Creator and dessert maker Lucy was diagnosed with a dairy and egg intolerance in 2010 and realised there were very few tasty treats for people like her, so she took to the kitchen and started creating.

I was so impressed with Pudology that I contacted them and Lucy very kindly sent me some samples to review and we’re collaborating on a Badass Giveaway, so stayed tuned for that!
Using coconut milk and dark chocolate their creamy puds are bursting with a deep chocolate flavour that’s hard to beat. I also love that a woman decided to create what she couldn’t find and has not only created some delicious desserts but also a business that she’s clearly passionate about.


Orange Chocolate Pudding

‘Seriously smooth chocolate and orange ganache with Brazilian orange oil.’

Oh my! This tasted just like a certain well known orange chocolate ball that, despite what their ads claimed, you could not just ‘tap and unwrap’. Delicious thick chocolate that has a ganache style texture and infused with a zesty but not overpowering Brazillian orange oil . This one is a real stunner!

Scrumptious Millionaire’s Shortbread

‘Truly decadent layers of biscuit, caramel and smooth, rich chocolate.’

I’m not the biggest fan of Millionaire’s Shortbread, mostly due to the fact i don’t like shortbread. I may be Scottish but I draw the line at sugary sand! Pudology have used a biscuit base inplace of shortbread and the ratio of base to caramel and chocolate is spot on. The silky smooth chocolate and gorgeous gooey toffee made for an excellent after dinner treat. The shortbread/biscuit element was given the thumbs up by my husband, who knows about these sorts of things. All I can really say about the biscuit base is that it was crumbly.

Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pudding

‘deeply decadent & irresistably smooth chocolate ganache with Madagascan vanilla.’

I can’t quite decide if this or the Chocolate Orange Pud is my favourite, they’re both delicious. The thick, rich and truly decadent chocolate pudding, my mouth is watering just writing about it, is genuinely a vegan delight!
Honestly, no one would ever guess that these desserts are dairy free. They feel totally indulgent and of a gourmet standard.

Richly Indulgent Banoffee Pie Puds

‘Layers of biscuit, dairy-free toffee, banana & chocolate – the ultimate indulgence!’

This one was my least favourite of the samples I was sent. I don’t mind banoffee pie but it’s not a dessert I would choose to eat. My husband on the other hand, loved it and ended up eating mine as I couldn’t finish it. I can’t quite put my finger on what didn’t work for me but on reflection I think it was the banana element. Perhaps it was just too sweet for me.

Pudology has all the ingredients, allergen and nutritional information listed on their website but again, all their desserts are:

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Coeliac Friendly

The Puds are now available at a range of shops including Sainsbury’s and I thoroughly recommend you seek them out.

pudology vine

I look forward to seeing what Pudology brings out in the future and I sincerely hope it involves mint or peanut butter.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m working with Pudology to bring you a Badass Giveaway! Pudology creator Lucy Wager, who blogs here is getting some great Pudology swag for you to get your hands on, so keep your eyes peeled in September!


Moxie McMurder
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