Personal Development: Things I Need To Work On

My fellow Badasses,

I’ve had a rough week both mentally and physically. So, I’m not really in the best place to be evaluating myself but hell, when is a good time?

When I feel a depressive episode coming on I’m a lot harsher with myself and my flaws feel magnified.  To try and combat some of these feelings I wanted to look at some of the things I need to work on. Not in a self flagellating way, I want this to be more of a self care type deal.

  • I need to get better at accepting compliments. Why is this so difficult?! Whether it’s a compliment about my work, appearance, impact on others I cringe when someone says something nice about me. And that’s some bullshit. I’m no saint but also not the worst person to crawl the earth so I need to start saying thank you.
  • I also need to stop being so hard on myself.
    I am capable of saying cruel things to myself, things I would never say to another person. Things that aren’t true but I listen to those horrible things I say to myself and I have to fight to remind myself I am not the piece of shit I tell myself I am.
  • I need to focus, which can be hard enough on a ‘good’ day let alone when I feel like I do at the moment. I feel a little lost at times, I will be 37 next year and I feel like 2018 could be a really great year but I need to focus. I need to dedicate time to my passions and goals and not let the months slip by uneventful.
    I must stop being distracted!
  • I need to be kinder to myself. In whatever form it takes.  I will be kinder to myself, more accepting of my flaws and turing those perceived flaws into positives.



Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto


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