Penclic R2 Wireless Mouse Review

Something a little different today. I was asked to review the Penclic R2 Wireless Mouse. The Penclic R2 wireless mouse has become my new best friend. This pen inspired mouse is designed to reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury) as a vertical mouse lets you have your arm and hand in a more natural position. I wasn’t sure I’d get on with this design when it arrived but I found that I adapted to the vertical mouse much quicker than I’d anticipated. I’m now a total convert and haven’t stopped using the mouse since!

R2 Wireless

R2 Penclic You still push it around like a traditional mouse, so it’s not as strange to use as you might expect. The only issue I’ve had with the Penclic is that a couple of the buttons on the side are not quite as comfortable to use. That said the Penclic is light and really touch sensitive. The R2 is wireless thanks to the supplied USB dongle and has left click, right click and a scroll wheel. There are a couple of extra buttons that you can assign different actions to. It also has an on/off switch on the underside of the base that I never remember to use and am always surprised at how long the Penclic stays charged for!

The Penlic Mouse R2 retails at €79.99

comes with a velvet carry pouch, a small USB dongle, and a USB charging cable. No software’s required – it’s a case of plug-in-and-go for Windows, MAC etc If you suffering from RSI related to using a traditional mouse, or find using a traditional mouse causes you discomfort, which for me as a chronic pain sufferer is an issue, the Penclic R2 is certainly worth trying out! Moxie McMurder


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