Pet Peeves

My fellow Badasses,

This post is literally a list of trivial things that irritate me. We all have pet peeves and I’ve probably got a lot more than what’s listed here. So, here are 13 things that wind me up. Witness the petty nature of my being.

R U 4 real? – I can’t stand it when people write like this. Even on Twitter where you you’re restricted to 140 characters

People answering rhetorical questions

Using allergy and intolerance interchangeably

Dressing up pets

Catching my cardigan on door handles (This one takes my rage from 0-60 in seconds)

People who misquote films

The background colour options on Facebook statuses

When Twitter hides Tweets from me because they contain swearing – does Twitter not know me at all?! (Doubly annoying because I’ve ticked the ‘show me sensitive material box!)

Newsletter pop ups – ’nuff said!

People referring to their feet as hooves or trotters

When people use a certain abbreviation of my real name

Being talked over

People who pronounce aitch as haitch. It just grates on me. Sorry.

What are some of your pet peeves? Let me know in the comments.

Moxie McMurder

The Badass Manifesto


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