Badass Books – Basic Witches

Basic Witches: How To Summon Success, Banish Drama And Raise Hell With Your Coven

I was sent a copy of Basic Witches, published by Quirk Books and it’s so cute and full of empowerment and witchy wisdom so I wanted to share a few words about it.

What is on the one hand, an introduction to witchcraft Basic Witches is also a cool introduction to feminist ideas. Through witchcraft (and we’ll get into that in a moment) we gain empowerment, something I totally agree with.

Witchy Woman
The night is dark and full of terrors.

Witches are the original Badasses. Society has always feared powerful women and by embracing the very things that society deems unbecoming of a woman, we gain a sense of independence and empowerment.

Basic Witches is a mix of spells, a little bit of witch history and a fun read covering many different aspects of self empowerment, positive thinking and self acceptance. From enchanting a special piece of jewellry to rituals for regaining strength and confidence I really enjoyed the fun take on witchcraft. The potions are a fun read, I like to work a little magic when I’m in the kitchen!
There is even a section on witch exercise , yup coven callisthenics!

Authors Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman are both accomplished writers. Saxena is a Staff Writer for Elle as well as having articles on sites like The Daily Dot, the New Yorker, Buzzfeed and more. Zimmerman is a contributing Editor of one of my favourite sites the Establishment. Her writing has also featured on Atlas Obscura, the Guardian and plenty of other cool sites. And I love these cute witchy illustrations by Camille Chew, an artist I was already a fan of after spotting her work on Pinterest.


What the authors call witchcraft is not your usual definition, theirs is best described as living true to oneself and Basic Witches is like your very own punk DIY grimoire (spellbook). This approch to witchcraft is right up my alley and while I think this book would be of more benefit to a younger reader I think plenty of adults will not ony get a kick out of the irreverent style but perhaps they’ll also find it a great read with powerful intentions.

Blessed Be Badasses!


Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto


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