One Thing I’ve Totally Failed At

I wrote this blog post about saying sorry, promising that it was a habit I was going to get out of in 2017.  I have utterly failed. 

That’s OK of course, failure is just a stepping stone, not a destination. I’m aware that I’ve failed so I’m going to try harder.

It’s such an irritating trait, I hate that my default is ‘sorry’. That little voice that says you’re in the way or in the wrong and that it’s you who should apologise to the stranger that bumped into you – it’s got to stop! It’s so automatic I don’t think twice about saying it.

By saying sorry you’re accepting blame that isn’t there. You’re also sending a strong message that can justify people treating you like a doormat. Over-apologizing creates a needless sense of guilt and lowers your self esteem. It makes you submissive. There are already so many external influences that can lower our self esteem why should we be doing to ourselves too?

So, I’m going to try harder. I’m going to be more aware of the situation I’m in and train my brain to say something else or to -shock horror – say nothing at all.

Moxie McMurder 

The Badass Manifesto 


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