Feminist Media – Who Can We Trust? 

Can we really trust any news outlet? 

Bitch Media posted a really interesting piece recently called You’re Getting Hustled by Bustle in which they explain, amongst other things that Bustle has created a new app called the BustleBHive that’s essentially a “group of readers who will be mined for user data that’s sold to advertisers”.

Feminism has become big business lately, feminist slogans on t-shirts, buttons and badges. Sites have started catering to feminists and you could see this as brilliant or rampant capitalism, it’s up to you – thus the glory of feminism.

“Corporate-owned media, especially in the past several years, is interested in publishing feminist content first and foremost to make money for advertisers and investors on a group of consumers who have historically been difficult to sell to.” – Bitch Media

Bustle isn’t the only site to come under fire not not adhering to the feminist ideals it purports to support, Jezebel and Feministing along side a few others have also been called out for being at best hypocritical and at worst expressing a lot of internalised misogyny.

I’ve got some trust issues with feminist media, we’ve been duped so many times. I’m an intersectional feminist, I’ve followed many feminist media accounts that seemed cool, only to be disappointed to find they’re pushing a racist or anti-trans narrative behind their so called feminism. I can’t hit unfollow fast enough! 

So, who can you trust or support when faced with dodgy politics, using sex to attract readers, pro TERF (Trans Exlusionary Radical Feminist) and SWERF (Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist) articles?
Here are a few of the sites I visit most often, how about you? Got any good feminist sites I should be reading?

Bitch Media

Everyday Sexism

The Establishment

Everyday Feminism


It’s worth pointing out that there is no such thing as a perfect feminist, we all make mistakes but we should be acknowledging those mistakes and then do better.


Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto


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