How To Land Your Dream Job

First of all, do you have a firm idea of what your dream job is?
And are you prepared to start at the bottom? Potentially take a loss in earnings? Do you know exactly what your dream job duties will entail? You do? Great! If not, you need to get on that shit.
Find out everything you can about your chosen field. Learn everything and really decide for yourself if this is what you want to do.
Google, read articles, speak to people already in the industry you want to work in.

You can’t rely on applying for jobs online and then keeping your fingers crossed. If you don’t hear back about an interview get in touch! You’ve got to fight for the job you want, remind these employers you exist. And if you’re not offered an interview it’s perfectly acceptable to email or call to ask why. This kind of feedback can be helpful.

Make your cover letter work for you. Make it personal and passionate. It should highlight exactly why they need to hire you for the job/company. Take your time over it, don’t just bang out some generic waffle about where you live and that you have some experience. Make it so they want to interview you immediately.


Do you have any contacts? Use them! Now is not the time to be too proud to ask for help getting where you want to be. Went to school with someone who’s now a make up artist and that’s what you want to do? Talk to them. Perhaps you think you don’t have any connections but a quick shout out for help on Facebook or Twitter can yield surprising results.
Network! Look for Facebook groups connected to the industry you want to work in and ask questions, that’s what these groups are for.

Go direct to the source.
There’s no shame, in fact I’d encourage it, to contact companies straight up. Find their HR department and email or call them directly. There are often career opportunities listed on websites, usually hidden down at the bottom of the site along with the contact and FAQ info, so take a look. Become a detective!


You don’t always need experience but if you don’t then you need to dazzle your prospective employer with your skills and passion. Some jobs require a university degree and even with the best written cover letter and all the passion in the world cannot change this. I’m afraid at this point you need to decide if going to university to get the degree is what you’re willing to do to get this dream job of yours. Sadly of course this relies on being able to afford going to college/uni etc

Your passion is your qualification. It’s your leading qualification. – Danielle LaPorte (CEO of a seven-figure lifestyle brand)

So, with these things in mind, have I left anything out? What’s holding you back from going for it? Let me know in the comments what’s stopping you from getting the dream you’ve always dreamed of..



Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto


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