When Friendship Turns Ugly

What do you do when the person who was once your friend turns into your mortal enemy?


Friends drift apart, that’s a part of life but when resentment’s involved, things can turn ugly pretty quickly. I went through an extreme period of transition in 2015, a had a few people walk away from me and I ran screaming away from others.

Things got so bad that coupled with some other life changes I had to admit I wasn’t strong enough to cope on my own anymore. I decided to go back on antidepressants, something I haven’t done since my early twenties. This was one of the first steps I took in order to take care of myself.

While the circumstances were upsetting, removing these people from my life had its benefits. Without these people in my life, my social media experiences are so much nicer and that’s a big deal for me. I  work from home and I suffer from chronic pain, I have neck and back injuries that make going out difficult at times, so for me, the internet is one of my outlets. 
I was also surprised by the number of people who supported me, so talk to someone you trust about how you feel. 

A break up of a friendship can sometimes be as emotionally fraught as a relationship break up. It’s normal to feel a sense of grief or shock and it’s normal to miss these people. While the bad times are probably at the front of your mind, you may find yourself remembering the good times and suddenly the loss hits you again. 

I cannot stress how important is it to remove toxic people from your life and when a friendship turns rotten, toxic behaviour is usually just around the corner. Try to rise above any name calling and passive aggressive nonsense, it can be difficult but it makes it easier to move on when you don’t indulge in tit for tat keyboard wars. Restrict, block, set boundaries.

Never allow someone to treat you like shit, those people have got to go. Manipulative people gotta hit the kerb too. No lovers of drama and negativity either. You don’t need that kind of energy around you.

Rely on the positive people in your life. Remember that friends will come and go but the ones that stick around are doing so for a reason. You’re worth sticking around for!

Moxie McMurder


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