Falling out of Love with Blogging?


Hello fellow Badasses,

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that this year more and more bloggers are falling out of love with blogging. But why?
For some it’s the pressure of having to come up with new content every week/month – whatever. For others, life has thrown up some stuff that demands it take priority over the blog. For some it’s the community of bloggers that have become a problem. Some bloggers have become overly negative or are flat out stealing content from other bloggers, or there’s just not the support there that there once was etc
But for whatever reason there’s a bit of a funk going around.

If you’re a blogger reading this and you’re thinking of quitting, here are 10 things you can do to fall back in love with blogging.

    1. Drop the clique and find some new bloggers to follow/read. And talk to other bloggers about how you’re feeling. Trust me, they’ll know the feeling.


    1. Take the pressure off yourself and how often you publish new content. Make sure you have some evergreen content to share for when you need to take a break but still want to drive readers to your blog.


    1. Try writing about something out of your comfort zone. Sure you may be a book blogger but who’s to say you also can post a few blogs about what your favourite restaurant or bar is? Or if you took a day out somewhere? Mix things up a wee bit, it honestly can’t do any harm!


    1. Take a break and not just for a week. I know it can be a hard habit to break but think about taking a month or two off. See what inspires you while you’re taking some time out.


    1. If you’re stuggling to find topics to write about Google it! There are some wonderful folk out there who make lists of things to blog about – super helpful.


    1. Change things up. Maybe it’s time to redesign or redefine your blog. Perhaps you’ve grown since you started it and instead of lifestyle blogging you’re now more of an activist or foodie. There’s no rule that says you have to stick with your blog as it is. You are in control.


    1. Perhaps start a brand new blog where you can write openly about the things that perhaos you’re wary of posting about.


    1. Ignore online bullshit. Just because one blogger is embroiled in an online argument with another bogger doesn’t mean you have to take sides or get involved. Living as much as we do in the online world you can very easily end up swept up in an argument or engaging in negative behaviours but remember you have a choice. You don’t have to get dragged into other people’s drama.


    1. Re-read no.8!


  1. Try creative writing! Perhaps you need to let go a little and creative writing is a great way to flex your writing muscles. You don’t need to publish it but if you want to – go for it! If you need some writing promts Pinterest is a good place to go.I hope you rediscover your passion for blogging and writing and sharing your worlds and lives with people. Remember it doesn’t matter if someone has already said what you want to say, they don’t have your voice. Your voice is unique.

    Moxie McMurder
    The Badass Manifestowp-1480625962307.jpg




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