The Wonder Woman Day

Fellow Badasses,

Today I want to talk about something I call The Wonder Woman Day. We’ve all had them. You know, the days where you feel like you’ve got your shit together and nothing can stop you. You’re a powerhouse of motivation and you get shit done. It’s a wonderful day, it’s a Wonder Woman day!


But the Wonder Woman day never really seems to last does it?

I go through periods of time, usually one or two days at a time where I am on fire! I feel like Wonder Woman. Nothing can stop me, I’m full of ideas and I act on them. I’m an Amazon, full of strength.
And then, it’s gone. As quickly as it came.

Now, part of this is down to my mental health but I also think it’s totally normal to have a dip in mood after an intense burst of energy.

Is there a way to invoke the Wonder Woman inside you? Yes! Get inspired. But is there a way to make her hang around? Not so much. Fuck, I’d give anything to keep her around but I’m working on accepting that I can’t be Wonder Woman every day of the week…and that’s OK.

There’s so much pressure on us to be constantly working, creating, learning that we forget just how exhausting living like that can be. Anyone who’s creative will tell you that after the initial burst of euphoria after creating something, you feel absolutely knackered. So don’t feel bad for needing a few days off after having a Wonder Woman day; you’ve earned it.

Moxie McMurder

The Badass Manifesto



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