Badass Beats Vol.1


The power of music, is there anything else that can effect us so immediately?
I am never without music, it’s a big part of my life.

Listening to music can improve our mood, improve visual and verbal skills, it can effect your performance, it can reduce what are you waiting for? Click play!


I’ve made a you tube playlist of Badass Beats but here are some tracks I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I hope you enjoy them! Some are old, some are new and they’re all from different genres so I hope there’s for you in this mix.

Badass Beats Vol.1

Bjork – Core

Princess Nokia – Brujas

Red Fang – Wires

Veruca Salt – Seether

Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

Tairrie B – Down As Dirt

Kate Tempest – Don’t Fall In

Erykah Badu – I Been Going Thru It All

Weaves – Buttercup

Skunk Anansie – Tear The Place Up

The Pretenders – Precious

Warpaint – Disco/Very Keep it Healthy

Lizzo – Aint I

B Dolan – Lucifer

Corossion of Conformity – Albatross

Leikeli47 – Money

The Donnas – Fall Behind

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t it Rain



Moxie McMurder
The Badass Manifesto



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