Building Good Habits 


“Motivation is what gets you started, it’s habit that keeps you going”

Whether it’s to drink more water, get some exercise, write every day, remembering to take your meds – whatever. A good habit is hard to break, so let’s get our shit together!

If you want to start a new habit before you do anything you should plan. Yes, plan ahead!  Plan for success and plan for the times when you’re going to want to bail.
Also, take some time to think about what it is you want to add to your life. Don’t just pick something out of the air that you have no real investment in. Choose something that will benefit you.

So, what are some healthy habits you could adopt? I hear you cry
Drinking more water
Move more
Save money
Get up earlier
Go to bed earlier

Adding something to your existing routine can be an easy way to slip something new into the mix.
For example, drinking a glass of water before brushing your teeth in the morning and before you brush your teeth before bed.

Set yourself a time frame
They say it takes 66 days for a behaviour to become automatic but if you want to start small a week is a good starting point.

Rome wasn’t built in a day
Don’t try to change everything at once. That’s one of the quickest ways to fail. Take one thing at a time, build from there.

Do it For You! – Don’t worry about the things you “should” have as habits. Making a change starts with you, for you.

Approach it as an experiment
Experiments can’t fail, they just have various results. Write everything down so you have a record of how your doing.

Recognise your accomplishments
Be proud of the changes you’re making and reward yourself when you’ve done well.

Stay inspired 
Find some quotes or a blog or a podcast that echos the habit you want to maintain.

You’ve got this!


Moxie McMurder

The Badass Manifesto


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