5 Ways To Find Your Mojo!

It’s a horrible feeling. When you realise that the thing that used to bring you joy now feels like a chore. Everything feels like a chore. You’ve lost your mojo. It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to other people.

mojo lostThere are two options here:
1. Give up on the thing
2. Fight for the thing

Before you decide to give up or fight, here are some steps you can take that might just help you recapture your mojo.


5 Tips To Find Your Mojo

  • Losing your mojo is usually the result of burnout so take a break!
  • Do something you know you still enjoy. Have some fun!
  • Go for a walk – it helps to boost endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals in the brain.
  • Indulge in some self care
  • Tell your brain to cut out the negative thoughts!
    Every time you start to feel down, redirect to positive thoughts , reasons to be grateful or anything that makes you happy.

I’ll leave you with this little extra..

If you have taken action to get your groove back, but you are still feeling low, tired or emotional/lack of emotion after a few weeks, go to your doctor. There are lots of reasons for feeling this way, and it might be something as simple as low iron or poor sleeping habits but it might also mean something more serious. Never take your mental health for granted! Take action and reclaim your magic.





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