Are you a morning person? Me neither.

Are you a morning person? I’m not. I’ve no interest in becoming one either.

Perk is for coffee, it’s deplorable in people – Red (Orange is the New Black)

Being a ‘morning person’ is overrated and frankly the idea that to be successful you must be up at the crack of dawn is bullshit.
Now, if you happen to be a morning person and you feel you get your best work done in the morning great – keep doing it you crazy sun worshipper!
But don’t for one second buy into the idea that if you’re not up and working by 9am you’re doing something wrong.


I am a night owl. I feel my best work comes either in the afternoon or late at night and I’m totally OK with that. Obviously there’s an amount of privilage involved with this. Not everyone has the option of catching up on sleep during the day when you’ve been up writing till 4am.

Here are some tips on how to find your most creative time of day.

Find Your Creative Sweet Spot

Think back to all the things you’ve done this week. What were the most creative tasks you did? What time were you working on them and how did you feel while working on them?
Make a note and compare your results week to week.

Mix things up! Rearrange your schedule and see if anything changes.

After a few weeks you should start to notice a pattern and you can start to abuse those patterns so you can find the best time of day for you to create.

imageIt’s worth noting that when I say creative, that doesn’t just apply to artists, writers, musicians etc
Business owners and entrepreneurs are creative people too.
Check out this article about the importance of creativity to entrepreneurs from Business News Daily .

There are benefits to being a night owl.
For a start there’s no one around to bother you, you can have some genuine peace and quiet. There’s even some evidence to support the idea that night owls tend to be more intelligent and more creative.

So, if you’re a night person embrace it. Just make sure you get enough sleep!

Carpe Noctem!


Moxie McMurder


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