The Hour Of The Wolf

Hello Badasses and night owls,

Can’t sleep? Me neither.
Thanks to chronic pain – due to two prolapsed discs, one of which is trapping a nerve and Degenerative Disc Disease and insomnia – I’m usually awake till the wee small hours.


Insomnia is a gigantic pain in the ass! When you have to be up at 7am for work, being awake till 4am isn’t fun. I’m fortune that I’m self employed and work from home, while insomnia still drives me fucking crazy, it’s more manageable. In other words, I can sleep when I want/need.

It doesn’t help that I’m naturally a night owl. It’s as if when the moon is out my spirit awakens. I’m full of ideas and I feel inspired. My best work tends to come from those nights when I can’t sleep.  I like the stillness of this time of night. I have something of a love/hate relationship with insomnia.

Of course getting a good night’s sleep is important and if you’d like some tips on how to get those all important zzz’s here’s a great blog post written by a good friend of mine.
Alternative Process Therapies Tips for Insomnia

When I’m lying in the dark praying for sleep I do a few things to help me drift off. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but I always try them.

1. Repeat a mantra in your head.
I use ‘Dark and peaceful’. I take a deep breath in as I say ‘dark’ and breathe out slowly on the ‘and peaceful’. This is a relaxing exercise so don’t rush it!
Repeat 10 times.

2. I list 10 positive things about myself.
At first I struggled to name 10 but eventually I got there and you can too! Does no harm to reinforce these qualities about yourself before you fall asleep.
Here are examples of positive affirmations you can use:

I’m confident
I can do anything I put my mind to
I like myself
I can make people laugh
I have talents and skills worth honing and being proud of

3. Repeat as necessary!

I wish you all sweet screams!

Moxie McMurder

P.S I’ll be writing more about chronic pain in the near future as it’s made a huge impact on my life but while it may stop me from doing some things, it will never stop me being a Badass!


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