Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie – Tips to Gain Patience


Patience – I have none.
I’m all about instant gratification, now now NOW!
I’m a impulsive person by nature so patience is something I struggle with and I’m not alone.

Patience is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated. They say patience is a virtue – but why? What’s so great about patience?

St.Augustine said “Patience is the companion of wisdom” and he was onto something. Having patience can reduce stress and can help you appreciate growth. It also helps you in terms of how you process experiences and it can help you succeed, because it is a personal quality that manifests itself in wise choices. See..wisdom.

cant rush

A lack of patience can make you irritable and can lead to making poor choices so here are some tips for helping you gain patience, I’ll be employing these tactics myself.

Steps to build your patience
* Slow down & take a couple of deep breaths before deciding on any action
* Consider things from the other person’s perspective
* Have a Plan B
* Distractions – If you’re getting impatient
* Break your big goals into microgoals
* Recognise that some things are out of your control

Have a Badass weekend!

Moxie McMurder
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